USA trip 2008

Marina at Ventura CA (site of Gordon Conference) 13 Jan 2008 Ventura CA Lunch in Ventura Dolphins off Ventura 16 Jan 2008
Dolphins off Ventura 16 Jan 2008 Santa Cruz Island, off Ventura 16 Jan 2008 Back to Ventura Minus 21C in Chicago -my coldest ever
De Coursey house in Chicago De Coursey's garden Lunch in Room 500, Rush Medical School Caroline and Mojo, 19 Jan 2008
Benvolio on banister Benvolio on banister Outside Field museum, below minus 20 C Map exhibition at Field museum
DC and Carolyn, Field Museum Caputo's market Chicago, 20 Jan 2008 Tom de C in Caputo's market Lake Michigan, leaving Chicago
Toronto -minimal memory of Maud Menten Fairbrother at Menten plaque Toronto Big coverage in the Canadian National Post Buffalo in Oregon
Snow over vineyard in Oregon Cablecar at OHSU Vollum Institute at OHSU Riker lecture plaque
Lunch at Biophysical Society meeting, Long Beach, CA Queen Mary at Long Beach Queen Mary tour Queen Mary: the  bridge
Queen Mary lubricating oil pump Queen Mary main thrust bearing Queen Mary maneuvering valves Queen Mary part of reduction gear
Queen Mary phone exchange Queen Mary propellor Queen Mary propellor -the spanner Queen Mary steering gear
Queen Mary steering hydraulics Queen Mary steering ram Mobiloil advertisement, 1936. Long Beach breakfast
Long Beach convention center Long Beach pelicans Long beach version of English Village The boss at Long Beach
UCL reunion, Long Beach. Sunset at Long Beach convention center